Not Just Any Other Business But A Business For Purpose!

We’ll help you start a purpose-driven business to help save our planet from climate change while also creating a passive income for yourself!

Build a Business in an Industry That Matters

Energy That’s Cheaper Than the Grid

Solar power is steadily being more efficient and less expensive to set up. It costs less than the grid, especially in the long run!

A Passive Income for You and Your Family

Earn a Passive Income just by sharing this opportunity. Achieve financial freedom while doing something good!

Clean, Renewable Energy for Every Household

Help us prevent climate change by helping people switch to clean, renewable energy that won’t harm our environment!

Sustainable Energy That Everyone Can Afford

Clean, renewable energy is the future. It’s the only way we can prevent climate change from ever happening but it will only work if we all unite against dirty energy from fossil fuel power plants. Truth be told, fossil fuel power plants release the highest carbon emissions than anything else in this world!

Here are some of the many benefits of sustainable energy:

  • Significantly lower carbon emissions compared to dirty energy
  • Clean and abundant energy from natural sources
  • Storable energy to power your home day and night
  • High demand—an industry that will keep growing through the years!
  • Tax incentives and rebate programs
  • Affordable and even cheaper than the grid in the long run

With sustainable energy that every household can afford, we can all make a difference!

The Largest Wealth Transfer in History And You Can Be Part of It!

Did you know that the energy industry makes trillions of dollars each year?

All of this money goes to the few people who control the energy industry, those who keep providing us with cheap yet dirty energy from fossil fuel power plants. They’re trading our planet’s health to make a large profit.

BUT we can put a stop to this unethical business practice!

We’re currently looking for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to spread this opportunity to the whole world. Everyone needs to participate in our movement if we really want to stop climate change from happening. Every time someone signs up for a solar panel installation, you get a new passive income stream to power your lifestyle, gain financial freedom, and maybe even turn it into a career!

  • Unlimited earning potential inside the multi-trillion dollar shift to sustainable energy.
  • A Passive Income on every installation.
  • Lucrative commissions based on leads, no purchase necessary.
  • Make a difference every time you make money.
  • No autoships, no recurring purchases, no inventory, and NO SELLING.
  • It’s easy and affordable to join.

A Message From Our Founder


I know this is a big decision for you. We’ve spent decades relying on the grid for our energy, after all. We’re all afraid of commitments but, trust me, starting Business For Purpose has been the best decision I’ve made so far.

Think about it. Now’s the only time that most people out there are offered an alternative way to power their homes. We didn’t have a choice back then. We were forced for decades (or even centuries!) to buy dirty energy from fossil fuel power plants. Today’s the time to change the game.

Aside from getting your energy from an abundant power source, the sun, and saving at least 20% on your electric bill, we’re offering something even more valuable. It’s something that no other fossil fuel power plant can offer: a safe future for our planet.

Solar power releases very minimal carbon emissions compared to dirty energy. We can secure the future of the next generations if we all act today.

Join me in this opportunity to save our planet while making a significant passive income as well. Make a global impact that future generations will thank you for!


Rich Price
Founder, Business For Purpose

Why Go Solar With Business For Purpose

Business For Purpose has partnered with Powur and local “Reputable Solar Companies” throughout the US to provide an easy way for households in the U.S. to switch to solar power and totally abandon the grid. We’re offering you the peace of mind that your home will run solely on solar power for years and decades to come!

Here’s what else you’ll get if you decide to go solar with Business For Purpose:

  • A customized solar power system that’s sized by our experts to give you the optimum amount of electricity for your lifestyle.
  • Peace of mind knowing that Powur insures the system.
  • Professional-grade monitoring, so you know that everything’s working great and that any issues will be taken care of quickly.
  • Worry-free maintenance, repairs, and even replacement. We’ll handle everything!
  • Self-help tools that actually help.

You’re basically throwing money each month you haven’t switched to solar yet. So why not switch today?

Sign Up Today and Take Advantage of $0 Down Installment!

We’re offering an easy way for most households to switch to solar. Instead of paying thousands of dollars upfront, you pay $0 to get started!

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Register for our FREE Powur webinar and learn more about the following:

  • How to Get A Passive Income. The Solar Revolution is underway and you are invited to show you how you can profit from this global phenomenon .
  • Local Solar Providers & Powur. The undisputed world leader in residential solar technology is publicly traded Local Solar Providers. Local Solar Providers has installed over 300,000 U.S. homes representing 40% of all residential market share.
  • The Next Trillion Dollar Industry. The greatest transfer of wealth in history is happening right now as society trades dirty energy for a sustainable future. The power of the sun, plus the power of you can bring a whole new light into your financial future.